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Fuel Savings.
There are several ways to reduce fleet fuel and operational costs. One is to change the purchasing strategies by buying futures. Another is to reduce the overall fuel consumption which isn’t realistic due to inner city demand growth. Read more
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The majority of fuel additives on the market today are detergents or fuel conditioners like anti-oxidants, static charge dissipaters and lubricity enhancers, that "claim" to help your vehicle over time. Read more
Fuel Additive
Synergyn® is a combustion enhancing technology that is scientifically formulated for diesel engines to significantly improve fuel economy. Read more
City Waste Management Best Tech Brands supplies fuel economy, wear and emission reduction solutions for city and municipal fleet waste management operations. Read more

Fleet fuel savings!

Fleet managers have found an alternative solution that dramatically reduces fuel costs, extends engine lifecycles and maintenance windows. Synergyn keeps commercial fleets moving.

Fuel Additives Redefined

Federal mandates require that gasoline contain just enough detergent additive to pass the BMW intake deposit test and diesel fuel has no such additive mandates.

OEMs have openly expressed their dissatisfaction with these mandates, so they established a voluntary standard that only helps return the engine to an as-built level of performance to be reached over an extended period of time. Synergyn’s combustion enhancing chemistry has no long chain detergent polymers and works immediately on a clean engine or dirty engine providing the driver with instant recognizable benefits.

Diesel Fuel Additives

Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ Diesel Fuel Saver formula is a combustion enhancing chemistry containing a potent catalyst that lowers the energy (activation energy) required for combustion of the air/fuel mixture.

Synergy's diesel additive speeds up the combustion process, thus releasing more of the work energy from the fuel sooner. This in turn, allows a vehicle to move further with the same quantity of fuel consumed, resulting in greater miles traveled per gallon of fuel or greater fuel economy. The diesel additive also doubles as an Emission Reduction solution for marine as well.

Faster Energy Release

There is a dramatic improvement in Cumulative Energy Released by Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ Fuel Saver versus ULSD. The faster energy release from Synergyn’s combustion enhancing chemistry is seen in the graph below; it provides scientific evidence that energy is being released faster and that consumers should see a reduction in fuel consumption on the road.

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Best Tech Brands is offering the perfect get started trial program to reduce friction, wear and extend the life of your engine!

This will accommodate one truck on a solid long haul or two trucks on a short run for approximately 600 miles. Any Big Rig using our scientifically formulated additives will yield better MPG and extend the life cycle and service maintenance window of your engine making it run cooler, cleaner, quieter and longer!


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