Fleet Fuel Management Means Hard Dollar Savings!

Our largest customer base today are domestic commercial freight carriers, service and delivery vehicles.

Best Tech Brands has developed a family of fuel and engine additive technologies that optimize fuel economy performance in long haul trucks. Our technologies help these trucks travel farther down the road, reduce maintenance, reduce down time and last longer. Freight companies provide shipping services 365 days a year and Synergyn® diesel fuel additives and lubricants offer solutions that bring more profit to your bottom line.

Actual Results in Fleets

These are the actual results achieved in real world conditions in tests by fleet operators.

See more detail on all our tests.

Savings Estimate

We save our customers millions of dollars per year. At the same time we reduce their emissions and carbon footprint by thousands of tons each year. Take a look at our savings calculator to see how much you could be reducing your costs. The savings calculator uses real world data from our extensive testing library and is tailored to your industry.

Run Your Own Test

Contact us at Best Tech Brands to try Synergyn additives in your fleet. We will help you design a controlled real world test that measures the fuel savings you can achieve fleet wide.

Please contact us at 877-434-2895 for additional information or to speak with a fleet fuel specialist.

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