Fuel Reduction Solutions

The Agricultural business is estimated to consume more than 25% of the nations diesel fuel supply.

Synergyn® Diesel fuel additives and lubricants offer solutions to lower the cost of operation, reduce maintenance, wear and extend the life of your engine while bringing more profit to the bottom line.

We offer Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ Diesel Fuel Saver Formula - an advanced, multi-functional formulation that speeds up combustion... exhaust emissions, releasing more of the heat in the fuel at an optimum timing, resulting in significant reduction in fuel consumption and significant reduction in hazardous exhaust emissions. Independent laboratory test have demonstrated increases in Cetane by 6 numbers and actual on-road tests have demonstrated significant fuel 20%.

Benefits Include:

  • SIGNIFICANT Improvement in Fuel Economy
  • INCREASES Cetane by 6 Numbers
  • RESTORES Power and Performance
  • INHIBITS the Formation Carbon Deposits

More than just fuel savings The performance of your agricultural machinery, compressors, and generators will vary due to your load history, weather, usage interval, and the mechanical condition of your equipment.

Synergyn® Engine Treatment contains an advanced chemistry which, when introduced into your engines oil, delivers microscopic carbon nano-particles that accumulate in wear crevices and on contacting metal surfaces to reduce wear. Our advanced technology forges a unique tribo-film layer of dual anti-friction / anti-wear surface-reconditioning protection on the metal surfaces in your engine. This continuous layer of protection extends the operational life of conventional lubricants and extends the life of your engine.

This advanced lubrication will revitalize your engine, smooth engine performance and deliver more power when you need it.

Synergyn® Engine Treatment Provides:

  • GREATER Anti-Wear Protection
  • DRAMATIC Reduction in Heat & Friction
  • RESTORES Lost Power and Smoother Performance

Run Your Own Test

Contact us at Best Tech Brands to try Synergyn additives in your vehicles. We will help you design a controlled real world test that measures the fuel savings you can achieve.

Please contact us at 877-434-2895 for additional information or to speak with a fleet fuel specialist.

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