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Why we are different

Most fuel additives are detergents, or fuel conditioners like antioxidants, static charge dissipaters, that propose to help your vehicle achieve optimum performance and fuel economy.

Our Synergyn® technology incrementally improves performance over and above what other additives deliver. We offer a family of products that provide improved performance and greater fuel economy from our fuel additive system combustion enhancing fuel additives and Synergyn® Engine Treatment oil additive that contains an advanced chemistry which, when introduced into your engines oil, delivers microscopic carbon nano-particles that reduce friction, reduce wear and extend the life of your engine.

Engine Treatment: Our advanced Engine Treatment technology forges a unique tribo-film layer of dual anti-friction/anti-wear surface-reconditioning protection on the metal surfaces in your engine. This continuous layer of protection extends the operational life of conventional lubricants, protects and extends the life of your engine.

Fuel Savers: Synergyn XTrA MPG™ Fuel Saver combustion enhancing additives immediately increase power and improve fuel economy by releasing more of the heat energy in the fuel when the piston is close to top dead center rather than when it is already on its downward stroke and the combustion chamber volume is increasing.

Federal mandates require that gasoline contain just enough detergent additive to pass the BMW intake deposit test and diesel fuel has no such additive mandates. OEMs have openly expressed their dissatisfaction with these mandates, so they established a voluntary standard that only helps return the engine to an as-built level of performance to be reached over an extended period of time.

Synergyn® has a more aggressive solution. Synergyn’s combustion enhancing chemistry has no long chain detergent polymers and works immediately on a clean engine or dirty engine providing the driver with instantly recognizable performance and fuel economy benefits.

Most commercially available diesel fuel has little to no performance or clean-up additives. Automotive aftermarket stores and some mass marketers carry good additive packages that include cetane improvers. Packaged detergent and fuel conditioner additives attempt to deliver as-built engine performance, usually after multiple applications.