Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ Fuel Savers (Gas and Diesel)

Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ is a combustion enhancing chemistry containing a potent catalyst that lowers the energy (activation energy) required for igniting the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber in gasoline and diesel engines. This speeds up the combustion process, thus releasing more of the work energy from the fuel sooner. This, in turn, allows a vehicle to move farther with the same quantity of fuel consumed, resulting in greater miles traveled per gallon of fuel, or greater fuel economy. In addition, the lower energy required for combustion, results in more efficient burning of the fuel and lower combustion chamber temperatures providing a reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Synergyn® provides multiple fuel economy benefits to affect fuel economy in both gasoline and diesel engines, namely,

(1) increase the combustion efficiency of the fuel,

(2) remove fuel system deposits which have formed as a result of increased miles driven / maintain a clean fuel system, especially, clean fuel injectors (in diesel engines) and

(3) reduce friction between the rings and the cylinder wall at, or near top dead center of the piston stroke. A portion of Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ chemistry in the fuel survives the combustion process and leaks past the rings (blowby). This adds additional fuel economy benefits by reducing the friction between contacting piston ring and cylinder wall surfaces.

(4) When Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ is used in either gasoline or diesel fuel engines where carbon deposits have previously built-up on the injectors (from fuel alone), the increased combustion efficiency with Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ helps remove the injector deposits. This leads to “recovery” of the optimum fuel spray angle / mixing with the air coming into the combustion chamber resulting in recovered fuel economy. Providing increased power / performance and reduced harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Synergyn® XTrA MPG™ Benefits:

  • RESTORE Lost Power & Performance
  • QUICKER Starting Engine
  • SMOOTHER Running Engine
  • REDUCE Harmful Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Disclaimer: The performance of your vehicle may vary as a result of your driving habits, highway conditions, weather, age and condition of your vehicle.

On Road Testing Of Fuel & Oil Additives

Up to 25% MPG Increase in 11 Vehicles with Synergyn XTrA MPG Fuel Saver Formula

Best Tech and its partners have performed on-road testing of the fuel and oil additives separately and together in twelve vehicles with both gasoline and diesel engines.

The variation in mileage improvements - between 14% and 25% - resulted from differences in the conditions of the test and the vehicle, including the age of the vehicle, temperature, humidity, and length of the test, road condition, congestion, and the programming of the engine computer.