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How Our Additives Increase MPG

There are four ways Synergyn fuel additives, oil cleaning system and engine treatment will improve fuel economy.

Combustion Enhancement: Combustion efficiency can be improved by increasing the amount of energy released during combustion and increasing the rate at which it is released so that more pressure is applied to the piston when it is near the top of the cylinder at the beginning of the power stroke (down stroke).

Friction Reduction: Primarily between the rings and the cylinder wall (there is minimal friction from the bearing surfaces) and most of the friction exists in an engine.

Prevents Deposit Buildup: Synergy’s powerful detergent, prevents total fuel system deposits, especially injector deposit in diesel engines and buildup and combustion chamber deposits in gasoline engines.

More Powerful Clean-up Effect: Synergyn has the most powerful chemistry available on the market, providing immediate carbon clean-up effect. Other fuel additive detergents are less powerful and slower to act and usually require multiple application to achieve the desired performance benefit.