EPA Protocol
Emission Reduction Fuel Catalyst
Lotus Engineering in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Vehicle Environmental Engineering Inc. (VEE) performed EPA chassis dynamometer tests (CFR Title 40, Part 600). The emission reductions are shown below. Nitric oxide increased slightly however, the percentage was small enough that the test would pass the EPA emission standard. MPG was 14% above the EPA certified MPG. Lotus Engineering is an independent test laboratory recognized by EPA and is ISO Certified.

EPA Certification

Edward Ponagai - Director of Vehicle Environmental Engineering

The highway EPA certification fuel economy tests were compared to post test results which demonstrates a fuel economy improvement of 14.4% using the Best Tech Brands Fuel Saver Additives.

The emission constituent reductions achieved with Synergyn additives were extraordinarily effective in reducing toxic emissions that contribute to asthma, liver disease, lung disease and cancer.

The decisive test series indicates the viability of the Best Tech Brands and the high probability of continuing improvement with time.

Edward Ponagai | Director VEE