Synergyn® XTrA MPG
Marine Diesel Fuel Saver

Americas ports and marine operations manage the largest fleets in the world including inland tank barges and towing vessels. Best Tech creates products that provide fuel economy and improve performance efficiency in your marine fleet. We offer diesel and gas Superfuel additives and Synergyn® Engine Treatment lubricants that save operational dollars and protect and extend the operating life of the equipment you depend on to deliver profits to your corporation.

Synergyn Marine Diesel & Gasoline Superfuel System Additives are advanced, multi-functional formulations that speed up combustion, releasing more of the heat and energy in the fuel at an optimum timing, resulting in significant reduction in fuel consumption and hazardous exhaust emissions. Independent laboratory test have demonstrated impressive fuel economy improvement in diesel engines ranging from 5 - 20%.

The introduction of the Synergyn Super Fuel System reduces diesel fuel consumption in Marine vessels by a measurable amount demonstrated in this test case. Cruising speed fuel consumption dropped from an average of 14.74 gph to 14.03 gph, for a savings of about 5%. At full throttle, consumption dropped from 18.63 to 17.54 gph or 6%. Also, at the full throttle condition, maximum RPM increased from 2240 to 2265 RPM. Since the driven load is a propeller, more horsepower had to have been produced to cause this increase (the propeller law, or RPM vs. power for a propeller, is roughly a cubic function). Therefore, if the fuel consumption is corrected for this increase, the corrected figure is 16.97 gph for a 9% improvement in fuel consumption.

Although fuel consumption was only measured at two specific engine speeds, fuel saving may have varied with load. During the entire day of testing, the engine fueled with the Synergyn Super Fuel burned 41 gallons of fuel whereas the engine without the Synergyn fuel burned 51 gallons. These values were measured at the fuel dock. According to the vessel owner’s fuel history report, before fueling the two engines burned roughly equal amounts of fuel. Although this observation is not scientifically based, it represents a savings of fuel throughout the entire operating range of roughly 20%.

The vessel’s engines were well-tuned naturally aspirated models so visible exhaust smoke was practically non-existent. An exhaust gas analyzer was not available for the test, but there was a detectable difference in exhaust smell between the engine which had the Synergyn Super Fuel and the one which did not. The exhaust from the engine with the Synergyn fuel smelled cleaner and didn’t have the wet oily aroma of the other exhaust. This leads one to conclude that black smoke, a sign of incomplete combustion, could be reduced or virtually eliminated from engines using Synergyn Marine Super Fuels.

The engine fuel filters were also examined. Visually contaminants were not detectable, as expected if the system is separating contaminants from the fuel, in the filter on the engine burning the Synergyn Super Fuel, after approximately twenty hours of run time.

Our test procedures also included examination of U.S. Coast Guard regulations to determine manufacturing and/or material restrictions which may apply to various types of vessels. All Synergyn raw materials and ingredients met or exceeded the Coast Guard fuel requirements.
Using Synergyn® Marine Diesel SuperFuel and Oil Additives, the Executive Director of Maintenance of Frasal Marine fishing fleet in Santiago Chile recorded tests in fuel economy results in a range of 10.2% - 12.3% . The vessels tested, are powered with Cummings diesel motors ranging between 380-600 HP engines.

Synergyn® XTrA MPG
Marine Diesel Fuel Saver 55 Gallons


*Single unit treats 46,999 gallons.